Pay Per Click

Need To Target Your Customers?
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The effectiveness of promoting your website, gaining traffic and page visibility through paid search engine advertising can carry a hefty price tag if not managed effectively. At jpeMEDIA we pay close attention to performance, adjusting and customising each pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-click (CPC) campaign successfully to maximise your return of investment (ROI). Using real time analytics and relevant combinations of related AdWords, highly targeted demographics, marketing tactics, specific browsing patterns, seasonal keyword trends, geographical map and location searches, network and in our opinion an underused performance builder the mobile phone. jpeMEDIA provides all the essentials to maximise your online campaigns and returns on advertising spend (ROAS).

To refine your PPC results drop us an email or contact us now on 0845 222 3502 to speak to one of our customer focused and friendly team.

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