The Branding Process

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The importance of the design of a ‘good’ brand and logo or an ‘excellent’ brand or logo cannot be emphasised enough. Each new design or rebrand carried out by jpeMEDIA starts by building up a thorough insight into your key objectives. During the consultation stage we look further than just three w’s and ask many, many questions… (Perhaps to many questions?)

  • who are you?
  • who are your customers?
  • what do you sell?
  • what do you do?
  • what service do you offer?
  • what image do you want to portray?
  • what design ideas do you already have?
  • where is your target market?
  • which marketing platforms will you be using?
  • www……..?

With this detailed information and using our creative skills, a combination of shapes, fonts, colours and or images jpeMEDIA will design a recognisable solution for your brand, that has impact and represents your corporate image, to be incorporated into all your marketing plans either through the web, mobile applications or in print format.

What are you waiting for? Drop us an email or contact us now on 0845 222 3502 to speak to one of our customer focused and friendly team.

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